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What is EZQuant-Gel?

EZQuant-Gel is a Microsoft™ Windows™ application for analysis of 1D gels. This easy-to-use, high-precision software enables accurate, consistent and fast analysis
of 1D gel images in all blot types.

EZQuant-Gel screenshot EZQuant-Gel screenshot EZQuant-Gel screenshot
EZQuant-Gel screenshot EZQuant-Gel screenshot EZQuant-Gel screenshot

Quantitizing made EZ.

EZQuant-Gel makes quantitizing EZ. Just draw your line on the image, click the mouse and you are done!

The bands' accurate boundaries are automatically detected using an innovative boundary detection algorithm.

Accuracy is most important.

EZQuant-Gel’s inventive Novel Accumulated Recursive Band Detection (ARBD) algorithm reduces the affect of background values on the bands' quantification results. Flexible adjustment of the background value enables live interaction between the background definition and the quantification values.

Flexible analysis tools.

  • Adjust the bands' boundaries according to your specific assessment. Decide whether to quantify smear staining, band doublets and more.
  • Quantify separate bands as one entity (protein subunits, degradation products, etc.) for easier analysis of complex results.
  • Analyze lane profiles with the Dynamic Graphical Intensity Analysis (DGIA) tool.
  • Organize your results according to experimental groups during the analysis of your gel image. Give name tags for bands and groups.

Don't throw out your distorted images.

That's right. With EZQuant-Gel even your most distorted images can still be analyzed. EZQuant-Gel doesn't get confused by dark and uneven background noises.

One-click Data export.

Customize your analysis results for one-click export to Microsoft Excel worksheet and as a Jpeg image. Flexibly arrange the data to fit your exact needs.

Stop waiting in line for your turn with the software.

EZQuant-Gel's affordable and flexible pricing policy together with floating license management make purchasing licenses for more users in the lab or department a reality and allow users to operate the software from any computer. No more User Bottlenecks.

Get started today!

EZQuant-Gel does not require complicated installation procedures or long learning periods. Simply download, install, and analyze your gels!

Use our fully-functional 15 days free trial, and if you decide to purchase EZQuant-Gel you can choose to pay either a one-time fee or a very affordable subscription price.

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