"I can't understand how we have been working without EZQuant-ELN until now. Within a week, paper notebooks became outdated and useless."
Dr. Jeff Markov

“To be honest, initially I had doubts about making the transfer to electronic notebooks in my lab. They all seemed complicated to use and my students said they would not use them. EZQuant-ELN proved me wrong with its simple and flexible working procedures and a friendly user interface.”
Prof. Danny Michaelson

“For a company of our size, EZQuant-ELN gives the best value for money solution. It certainly made my life easier.”
Dr. Summer Nieman


Research made EZ


EZQuant, a biology software company founded by life-scientists, introduces a revolutionary Electronic Lab Notebook software solution – EZQuant-ELN. Replacing the traditional paper notebook, EZQuant-ELN enables planning, gathering and managing the entire experimental data in the bio-medical research lab.

EZQuant-ELN offers diverse data storing possibilities, simple and familiar working procedures and flexible purchasing options, designed specifically for small-scale users.

In addition, our popular 1D gel analysis software, EZQuant-Gel, continues to provide class-leading fast and accurate results in labs around the world.

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Friendly and Affordable
Electronic Lab Notebook.
EZQuant-ELN enables you to combine text, images and videos on an electronic data sheet. Writing lab reports has never been this fun! Read more...

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Elegant and Simple
Gel Analysis.
EZQuant-Gel makes quantitizing EZ. Just draw your line on the image, click the mouse and you are done. Even distorted images can be analyzed. Read more...

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